The mission of Pasadero, Inc. is reflected in its name, variously translated as "path maker," "ladder," and "stepping stone."

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Bottom Up

Pasadero’s approach is to get free and low-cost technologies and tools into the hands of people who are not techies and who do not command research capital.

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Pasadero's central aims are to develop facilitator software and authoring interfaces, and to provide a software and support materials resource directory.

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In these roles, Pasadero develops technologies for people who are marginalized and poorly served by today's top-down software engineering industries and academic disciplines.

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Pasadero helps to bridge the gap between research and computers giving researchers full control over the tools of their trade.
Larry Boyd, Founder, ProtoGenie, Inc
I log into ProtoGenie at least once a day, and twice on Sundays!
Scott N Fitz, O.D., Optometrist, Researcher, Hacker
I am particularly impressed by the Pasadero principle that everyone, technical and nontechnical, experienced and inexperienced, and funded and unfunded, should have world-class research tools.
Bill Boyd, Law professor and Legal Scholar