About Us

The mission of Pasadero, Inc. is reflected in its name, variously translated as “path maker,” “ladder,” and “stepping stone.” Pasadero’s approach is to get free and low-cost technologies and tools into the hands of people who are not techies and who do not command research capital. Pasadero’s central aims are to develop facilitator software and authoring interfaces, and to provide a software and support materials resource directory.

In these roles, Pasadero develops technologies for people who are marginalized and poorly served by today’s top-down software engineering industries and academic disciplines. The ultimate aim is to enable these people to create software to serve their own needs as they feel and experience them.

Toward this end, Pasadero developed user interface technology and software for persons with visual, cognitive, developmental, and learning disabilities. This development produced the prototype called “Screen Director,” which was subsequently developed and widely distributed by Arkenstone, Inc. (Now Benetech) and by Freedom Scientific under the name “Wynn.” This target population also includes people who do not have large budgets for conducting research and evaluation. In this capacity, Pasadero is pitched to serve “distributed small science” as well as “centralized big science.”

Pasadero’s major focus is on software for research design and data collection called ProtoGenie

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